Self Adhesive Vinyl

Self Adhesive Vinyl stickers

Self Adhesive vinyl is used for many products including stickers, window graphics and product labels. It is our most common printing media as it is durable and relatively easy to apply. Our standard vinyl is a monomeric white vinyl with a clear adhesive back that can be printed to approximately 1250mm wide and several meters in length.

As well as standard vinyls, there are many speciality vinyls that we can quote and supply on request. Some of which are listed below:

  • High Tack – Vinyl with an extra strong adhesive for attaching to less than smooth surfaces eg. stickers on wheely bins
  • Clear – Used on windows when light is required to pass through eg. some window graphics
  • Coloured – Variations in colour which can be either printed or sourced eg metallic silver stickers
  • Removable – Lower strength adhesive that is able to be removed with out leaving residue on the surface up to several days after being applied
  • Reflective – Light reflecting vinyl used for signage that needs to be visible at night eg. Traffic signs

Please contact us to make an order or make further enquiries!